Reviews of Moonsafe Red

From Peter Rea, lecturer on the history of spaceflight:

It has been 45 years since human footprints were left on the dusty surface of the Moon. But in the future, I'm sure, footprints will be left again. Moonsafe Red takes us to a future Moon in the 22nd Century, when thousands of people inhabit our nearest planetary neighbour. There is a city, and research stations abound. The inhabitants, many born there, are referred to as Selenites, from Selene, the Goddess of the Moon.
A spaceship leaves the Moon bound for Mars, but crashes on the Moon shortly after take-off. The narrative describes the desperate race against time to rescue the survivors. The author's obvious broad knowledge of the Moon is evident from the first chapter. He paints a picture of the Moon that harks back to the days of Apollo and humankind's first steps on another planetary body.
The fast paced action takes a group of engineers from the central region of the Moon to Tycho crater in the Southern Highlands. From this base, specialist lunar vehicles carry passengers and equipment to the crash site. The author's natural descriptive ability takes the reader along for an exciting ride. The final rescue is breathtaking, with an ingenious conclusion. This first novel by the author is a real page turner, and it leaves me wanting to go there.

From Mike Foulkes, aerospace engineer and amateur astronomer:

Dear Mr. Haggath,
I am writing to you to complain about your recently published sci-fi book Moonsafe Red.
I took this with me on holiday last week, to read every so often, but found that I couldn't put the b***er down, as I wanted to find out what fiendish life threatening thing would happen next to endanger the surviviors, or which of them would be killed off next.
This resulted in grief from my partner Valerie, who made comments like:
"Will you stop reading that book and put the lights out, as I want to go to sleep."
"Stop reading that book, as we have to go out!"
Hence the complaint. So the next time you write a sci-fi book, will you please not make it an avid page turner...

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