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Moonsafe Red

My new science fiction novel

If you like my factual writing, you might like to try my new self-published science fiction novel, Moonsafe Red.

"A stunning tour-de-force... up there with ACC and Asimov!"
Paul Money

The scene: The Moon, AD 2104.
The disaster: Space liner Morning Star, en route for Mars with a hundred passengers aboard, loses control and crashes in the Moon's rugged Southern Highlands, killing all but a handful of her occupants.
The people: Fourteen men and women, trapped aboard the ship with no apparent means of escape.
Mike Barron, engineer and ex-spacefarer, who assumes responsibility for his fellow survivors' safety.
Martin van Kessel, Chief Engineer of the Moon, who must find the Morning Star and rescue the survivors.

The problem : The rescuers are engaged in a desperate race against time, before a looming catastrophe threatens to destroy them all.

Price 7.99 + 2.00 p&p.
Send by Paypal to, and e-mail your address.
Or to pay by electronic transfer, e-mail same address for my account details.
Or if you're as old-fashioned as I am, send a cheque, payable to N. M. Haggath, to:
74 Queensferry Gardens, Shelton Lock, Derby. DE24 9JS.

Moonsafe Red is now also available for Kindle, from the Amazon Kindle Store.
Price 3.99.
Buy it here

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